Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Michael Graves cosmetic pencil sharpener

I am a sucker for standout packaging, although I know that packaging often costs more than the product itself.  Examples of standout packaging are:

This pod is actually a cosmetic pencil sharpener. Designed by famed product designer Michael Graves, it features dual German stainless steel blades - you know that the Germans always make good stuff! :-)

For stylish kitchen, beauty, home and office, and safety and industrial implements, visit Slice™. Besides Michael Graves, featured designers are the pink-suited Karim Rashid, Yves Behar, Scot Herbst, and Alfredo Muccino.


jbrobeck said...

I just bought this because of your post! I normally hate sharpening my pencils because of the mess it makes. I will just use a different one. I didn't use my favorite Vincent Longo pencil for over a year because I didn't want to sharpen it! Thanks for sharing!

Midnight Manicures said...

Very different! Thanks for bringing this to us.