Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seven fave skin care products

sigh.  Skin care.  I hesitate to write about it, as I don't know the science behind it: for that, I refer the reader to medical student Nicki Zevola's FutureDerm blog and Paula Begoun's cosmetic ingredient dictionary.

Nonetheless, here are seven skin care products that I enjoy using:

1. Perlabella PureDose Pearls are airtight capsules containing serum that offers a fresh product with each dose.  You may find Perlabella at Walgreen's stores. See my post New skin care at Walgreen's, dated April 2009, for more on Perlabella.  Later in this post, I'll provide an update on skin care at Walgreen's.

2. Lisa Hoffman Beauty A & C Serum goes on slick and oily, but when you wake up in the morning, your skin is soft.  I also like her Day Cleanser, which I use at night.  I have never understood the purpose of washing the skin both morning and night.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty skin care is no longer sold through her web site, as she seems to be focusing on her fragrance concepts.  Nonetheless, you can find some products through DermStore.

I received a treasure trove of Lisa Hoffman Beauty skin care products from her former PR rep, but let it lie in the closet: bad :-(  I'm glad that I pulled it out.

3. The Solution by Envision Beauty streamlines skin care. It is designed as a multi-tasking product that replaces night cream, serum, eye cream, and makeup primer. It also advertises itself as a replacement for day cream, but since it's not rated for SPF, I hesitate to call it a replacement for day cream. The Solution by Envision Beauty is a lightweight lotion that leaves a non-greasy, non-oily finish.  This is one of the few samples that I have received that I've used to the bottom of the bottle and went back to become a paying customer!

Since I reviewed The Solution by Envision Beauty in April 2009, my skin has become dryer and my skin care needs have changed.  I need a richer moisturizer.  Nonetheless, I occasionally apply The Solution by Envision Beauty as a lightweight primer before my makeup.  Founder Kimberly Snyder has since fashioned herself as a "celebrity nutritionist."

You may shop The Solution by Envision Beauty at its web site.

4. Better Botanicals Rose Tulsi Toning Mist ("tulsi" is Sanskrit for basil) is not a necessary skin care step, but I love spritzing this fragrant mist on my Beautyblender sponge with it before applying makeup.  You may shop Better Botanicals through its web site.

What are my three other picks?

Source: drugstore.com via STYLE on Pinterest

5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is a dual-phase eye makeup remover.  I like dual-phase eye makeup removers so much better than ordinary eye makeup removers, as they do a better job at removing eye makeup.  Use after your cleansing routine to remove the last trace of eye makeup.  Neutrogena is widely available at drugstores, supermarkets, and big-box stores.

Source: dhccare.com via STYLE on Pinterest

6. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil leaves the skin feeling soft.  It removes makeup so thoroughly that you might not need a separate eye makeup remover after using this!

You may shop DHC at its web site.

MJCare Pearl Essence Mask

7. Face Mask Sheets are a weekly treat for me.  I like kicking back in the reclining chair for 15-20 minutes and listening to music as I wear a face mask sheet. Unfortunately, Walgreen's is no longer carrying face mask sheets from The Face Shop (Korea).  I have not tried SK-II, but there are more inexpensive options.  Fortunately for me (don't hate me! :-), I'm near the Cinderella boutique, which carries a variety of Korean face mask sheets, some for as little as a dollar.  Cinderella is located in the courtyard of Lotte Plaza, a huge ethnic supermarket in Chantilly, Virginia.  Grocery shopping is a contact sport at Lotte Plaza! :-)

In a subsequent post, I'll reveal a product that adds sheen to the skin and protects the skin from the elements.  It also adds shine to the hair and smooths flyaways.  And it's 100% natural, food-grade, vegan, and organic!  Interested??!!


Unknown said...

Lotte Plaza is great. I have seen no less than two fist fights there. When they first opened I made the mistake of trying to get some shrimp, I nearly lost my arm. The lady that runs Cinderella is really nice.

The Style Page said...

Hi Bunny,

Thanks for stopping by The Style Page, reading my article on 7 fave skin care products, and commenting on Lotte Plaza and the Cinderella boutique!

Those are quite some experiences that you had at Lotte Plaza. I hope that those experiences haven't dissuaded you from visiting again.

As for me, I enjoy shopping Lotte Plaza. I like exploring all the international products (including housewares) that it carries and the food stations. There's a tasty paneer (fresh Indian cheese) wrap at the Punjabi stand in the food court that was a life saver for my husband, who was suffering from low blood sugar. And of course, there's Cinderella. I agree, the lady who runs Cinderella is really nice.