Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Feather suede hippie headband
From an article posted in September 2008: Ugh. One of the worst fads of the late sixties/early seventies return: the hippie headband. From Urban Outfitters via Splendora.

Hippie headband, as shown on Beauty Counter
Now I've been vindicated by Beauty Counter, a blog from, "The Online Home of Vogue." Its article Reader Poll: A Word On Hippie Hair says:

It was definitely novel and unexpectedly chic for a little while (by which we mean approximately two to three years ago), but we’re of the mind that the whole string-across-the-forehead/feather accoutrement look is beginning to err on the side of played out, or just too mainstream for our liking. A bohemian declaration or a statement that simply says, “I bought these at Urban Outfitters and so can you”?

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