Friday, October 24, 2008

Darkly glamorous

Wode by Boudicca
via Splendora

How's this for a concept: when you apply this fragrance, a vibrant cobalt blue appears and settles into your skin and clothing. The color disappears and leaves behind scent. To say nothing about the darkly glamorous packaging, which recall the candles from DL & Co.

Wendy Ginsburg of San Diego tries the Boudicca Wode fragrance, from New perfume turns you blue.

It's from Boudicca, the cutting edge UK-based design team of Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby and sold in the US through Barneys (not that I patronize Barneys).

Stephen Jones Millinery perfume
via EyeCandy Make-Up & Beauty Blog

Stephen Jones Millinery perfume, pictured above, also features darkly glamorous packaging. Appropriately for a milliner, or hat maker, the box resembles a hat box. It's a collaboration between Stephen Jones Millinery and Comme des Garçons, for which Stephen Jones has designed hats. The fragrance is exclusive to two stores in the UK, but should be rolled out worldwide.

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