Thursday, April 03, 2008

Terracotta Tajine Eye Shadow from Guerlain

'Terracotta' Tajine Eyeshadow from Guerlain

This 'Terracotta' Tajine Eyeshadow from Guerlain was featured in the April 2008 issue of Lucky. While Lucky said that it was available through, I couldn't find it there. However, it's now available through Nordstrom. I also found it at Dillards in St. Louis.

While the packaging is great, I wouldn't pay $35.00 for this eye shadow. Don't be misled by the shade names: Blonde Metal is pinkish, Brown Metal is golden, and Dark Metal is purplish.

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Weiss said...

Hi, I find your blog while searching for Tajine eyeshadow and first of all, this shadow is already available on But can you tell me if the shadow nº03 is to dark? thank you and congrats for your blog