Monday, April 07, 2008

Even better Re: Bio-fond makeup

After trying Bio-fond makeup, I found a creme makeup that I like even more. It is Goddessy Rx 4-in One Smart Makeup.

Goddessy Rx 4-in-1 Smart Makeup

Why do I like Goddessy Rx 4-in One Smart Makeup better?

It lacks fragrance. The packaging is very functional, with a large mirror, a cover for the makeup itself, and a perforated well for the sponge.

Plus, I found a better shade match. I initially tried three different shades of Goddessy Rx 4-in One Smart Makeup on my fingertips:

#2 - light shade, nearly the same intensity as #4, more pinky than #4
#4 - light shade, with yellow undertones
#3 - deeper than #2 and #4, appeared orangish

#4 was the best match for me. I err on the side of yellow undertones. On the other hand, the Bio-Fond makeup shade had pinkish undertones. To say nothing about the fragrance!

Thanks to Jennifer for giving me the chance to sample this product. You may shop Goddessy Rx at


Anonymous said...

I too have tried the Goddessy line of products. They feel pasty and cheap. The lip gloss is gone in 5 minutes and tastes awful. The cleanser caused a severe rash. I would advise against anyone using these cosmetics. The blogs and positive feedback are all posted fraudulently by the owner, Jennifer Bradley in an attempt to drum up sales. This stuff is total crap.

Anonymous said...

Is this line out of business?

Julie said...

Wow, I checked, which provides e-commerce for Goddessy Rx, and everything's unavailable. I don't know what happened. I don't hear from Jennifer Bradley anymore - the last I heard from her was when she sent photos of her with Barack and Michelle Obama prior to the election.