Friday, April 04, 2008

Paint Me Gorgeous: Green eyeshadow with nude lips

I'm fascinated with "ethnic" beauty. Some might accuse me of being a patronizing, romanticizing "orientalist." When I had the makeup application at the BellaPierre kiosk, the girl who did my makeup was of eastern Asian origin. She had a very pretty wash of green eye shadow.

Paint Me Gorgeous is a blog from Malaysia. Here's a picture of the blogger with green eyeshadow and nude lips, which reminded me of the BellaPierre girl's makeup:

So perfect. The look was created with Shu Uemura products - Shu Uemura eye shadows are the silkiest I've tried.

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Cassandra L said...

hi there. Am glad you like the eye makeup. Green makeup is in this season, apparently :)