Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bio-fond makeup

I shopped to buy the World Girl eye shadow palette that I coveted, only to find it out of stock. The lovely Eva volunteered put together a package of products for me to try, the centerpiece of it being Bio-Fond Cream Make-Up from the Swiss brand Gerda Spillman.

Bio-Fond Cream Makeup from Gerda Spillman

I had not tried cream makeup before, so I agreed to try Bio-Fond. Simply apply the makeup with a dampened sponge. For additional coverage, apply the makeup with the pads of your (clean!) fingers. I was impressed by the finish of the makeup - Eva describes it as "a foundation that is like skincare," and she's right. This makeup is particularly appropriate for maturing skin. My face did feel smoother and softer. My one objection to Bio-Fond is the fragrance - I don't want fragrance in my color cosmetics or skin care.

The pinkish shade shown above might dissuade women from trying Bio-Fond. Bio-Fond comes in 15 different shades. I'm sure that Eva will help you to identify which shade is right for you if you describe your complexion to her.

Eva tells me that will be completely revamped later this spring. The current site is quaint, but it's also kind of appealing. I hope that the revamped site won't be too sexy, with lots of Flash. The New York bricks-and-mortar store for Makeup Mania is being expanded as well.

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