Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cosmetics bags

I collect cosmetics bags. I haven't used them yet; the bags are lined up in my closet. Here are some selections from World of Good, which promotes fair trade handicrafts from around the world. You might have seen World of Good kiosks at Whole Foods Market or Wegman's.

silk Come Full Circle Cosmetic Bag from Cambodia

silk Udder Joy Pouch from India

The trim on this pouch is characteristic of the Indian decorative art of kalamkari, where artisans sketch designs with burnt tamarind twigs and then paint the designs with natural dyes.

Hipper Zipper Pouch from Brazil

This pouch is actually made out of leftover zippers! While I wouldn't put the silk pouches in my handbag for fear of getting them dirty, this bag is rugged enough for my handbag.

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Nicole said...

Love that first blue one! Nice picks :)